Certified Instructor Program

Thank you for your interest in Fall Protection Group’s Certified Instructor Programs and potentially becoming an Instructor delivering our industry leading fall safety education. We develop and offer Instructor Programs for our end-user courses. Our goal is to provide you with a turnkey training solution that aligns to your needs as a trainer. Whether you require a specific training solution (i.e. OSSA or Chief Prevention Office in Ontario accredited programs) or our robust Comprehensive program, we look forward to welcoming you into our Instructor Community.

Please take a moment to read a little more about us and our value as a training partner. Don’t forget to check out the relevant information under Certification Details and Instructor Course Details.

Our Credentials

Since our corporate beginnings in 1995, we have retained the same ideals and high standards with our focus on “folks working at heights”. In short, we are Fall Protection Specialists. With over 20 years of experience devoted to work at heights, we excel in the development and delivery of fall protection training programs and can provide you with an effective ‘turn key’ solution for your training requirements. To learn more about us, read our corporate profile.

Fall Protection Group is a business unit of Capital Safety – home of the DBI Sala and Protecta brands of fall protection equipment. Our quality training complements the leading edge equipment they manufacture.

Ultimately, we continue to be responsible for delivering top quality training, focused on the concepts and principles of fall protection irrespective of the brand of gear being used. Our programs are focused on providing the depth and breadth of fall protection knowledge to workers so they can work safely at height in their work environment.

Your Partner In Training

By choosing Fall Protection Group, you are choosing more than a training provider, you are choosing a training partner. We are committed to safety at heights, and are also committed to your success as an Instructor and to the training of your students. Once the instructor’s course ends, the support begins.

Some of what is available includes:

  • Prepackaged student material kits
  • Annual program updates at no additional cost for current instructors (updates include; regulatory, equipment standards, statistical data, etc.)
  • Ongoing technical fall protection resource and information support
  • Online training resources
  • Access to online records management
  • Instructor equipment kit discounts
  • Instructor conferences
  • Our FPG Instructor Club

Available Instructor Certifications

Fall Protection Group currently offers Instructor Certification for the following programs (click the program name to link to the course outline):

Certified Instructor - Fall Protection Comprehensive

Become certified to deliver a one day program that provides the worker with the knowledge to be able to work safely at heights using a variety of systems and equipment. This program is designed to allow worker training to transfer between provinces through an online endorsement program.

Certified Instructor - Fall Protection Essentials

Become certified to deliver a half day program designed for workers whose at height work uses a pre-determined anchor point and standard equipment options. This program is designed to allow worker training to transfer between provinces through an online endorsement program.

Certified Instructor - Fall Protection Working at Heights

Become certified to deliver a one-day program that meets the 2014 Ontario Construction Standard and is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Click here to see the additional instructor requirements of this program.

Certified Instructor - Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

Become certified to deliver a half day program designed for those individuals who are responsible for inspecting fall protection equipment beyond the worker’s before and after use inspection. This program will provide the worker with the knowledge and information to setup and deliver formal inspection program.

Certified Instructor - High Angle Rescue Essentials

Become certified to deliver a one-day course designed to provide students with the rescue fundamentals in order to execute the retrieval of a suspended worker in a generic scenario. The content of the program will not only examine simple rescue tools and techniques, but will also deliver understanding in all the parts of a proper rescue plan.

A mixture of classroom and field teaching environments will create an enjoyable, dynamic, and safe training day for all in attendance.

If at any time, you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (email: info@fallprogroup.com or phone 403 270-2332 / 888-FALLPRO). One of our team members will be happy to answer your questions.

Program Length

The duration Certified Instructor Program is normally 4 days. The first day is going through the respective end-user course as a student with the purpose to ensure a baseline of fall protection knowledge and to experience the course delivery as it is designed. The following three days are focused on learning how to setup for and deliver the program, knowledge development, and the assessment of participants as Instructors. View an outline of Certified Instructor Program.


Anyone can attend the Certified Instructor Program. This is an intensive program and moves at a fast pace with a focus to prepare participants to deliver the material. Each participant must have prior knowledge and experience with working at heights and general occupational health and safety.

The program covers technical aspects of fall protection, summary instructional techniques, and the delivery of the established standards and technical content of the respective course.

Participants should expect some home studies during the course in the evenings to ensure they can meet the minimum standard during the assessment phase of the course. We offer a one-day Fall Protection Advanced program, which may be of benefit to individuals who wish to further increase their knowledge of fall protection.

Training Agreement

At the time of registration, we require that you sign a training agreement. The agreement is designed to ensure that potential instructors understand the following:
  • FPG retains the ownership and copyright of all materials. No material can be copied, duplicated or material used in any manner without prior written consent from Fall Protection Group Inc.
  • The Instructor will adhere to the delivery of the courses as prescribed
  • The Instructor will purchase and provide a uniquely serialized Student Activation to each participant in the course.

Course Preparation & Activation Purchasing

Certified Instructors must provide the minimum equipment as outlined in each program. To assist with this requirement, upon enrollment or after completing the Instructor program, you may purchase the equipment kit from Fall Protection Group.

Your initial registration fee includes an initial supply of Student Activations. The Student Activation manuals include a unique serial number corresponding to a record in our database, a student workbook, a temporary certificate, and the student record booklet (training record, theory test, evaluation form). Additional Activations are purchased via Fall Protection Group’s office or through our online Instructor portal (SafetyNet).

Each Instructor will need to have access to a computer (laptop) and projector to run the electronic presentation. It is highly recommended that you bring your laptop to the Instructor Program to assist you with preparing for your course delivery.

Program Availability

Fall Protection Group publishes a schedule of courses each year. These courses are held in various locations to provide as much opportunity as possible for interested people to attend. You may attend any program in any location shown on the calendar providing there is available space. Your seat will not be confirmed until payment is received.

Please see the home page for our schedule or contact our Registration desk at 1-888-FALLPRO, extension 221.

We also offer onsite Certified Instructor programs if you have several individuals requiring certification.

Scalable Certifications

You may instruct the program for which you are certified and to the jurisdiction for where you are endorsed. It is up to you and the company you work for to determine who you might train. For example, you could instruct workers, subcontractors or clients of the company for whom you work. Contact us for further information.

Designed For All Situations

Our training programs are not meant to address specific equipment or work situations, but rather are designed around the concepts and principles of fall protection. This provides end users and Instructors with the most flexible training solution. Our programs allow you to equip the worker with the power to make safe and informed decisions on fall protection, suitable for the fall hazard scenario they are faced with in the work place.

We feature 3M DBI Sala and Protecta products but regardless of the equipment brand an end-user may have or the at-height work situation they encounter, students will be able to apply the learning from our programs to correctly and safely implement their fall safety systems. Instructors will have opportunities within the program to present site specific content (equipment, policies, situations) to the students if warranted as part of the structured curriculum. 

Turnkey Training Materials

Our Certified Instructor Programs are built for our turnkey training solutions. Each Certified Instructor Program is meant to qualify individuals to teach the corresponding end-user program. All 3M Safety Training programs are designed to a specific established standard and as a Certified Instructor; you are expected to deliver the program as designed.

The Certified Instructor programs are not intended to certify participants to deliver fall protection or rescue programs designed by others. As well, our Certified Instructors programs do not directly qualify participants to design their own programs. 

Certification Duration and Expectations

Each Certification is valid for two (2) or three (3) years from the date of completion. You will need to ensure that you meet the specific ongoing requirements for the particular program(s) for which you are certified. These can include;

  • Minimum number of courses delivered per year
  • Ensuring a First Aid certified individual available where training is taking place
  • General Liability Insurance