About Us

Fall Protection Group Inc. is a unique North American company offering state-of-the-art training and development in fall protection and rescue. We are proudly part of the 3M Safety Training family and are so excited to have their decades of personal safety experience at our fingertips.

Our Focus

Working at height is the focus of what we do. Regardless of your industry, we have experience with organizations like yours. Whether it’s delivering an end-user training course or a Certified Instructor program, we put all of our effort, resources and expertise into every service we provide. Complementing classroom-based training, we deliver industry specific fall protection education and high angle rescue training. We also deliver related hands-on courses including an equipment inspection program.

Company History

Since our establishment in 1995, we have retained the same high ideals and standards that started out as merely ideas on a napkin. We focused only on folks working at height then, and we focus on the same people now. We decided from the beginning that equipment sales was not going to be where we would concentrate our efforts. Our opinion there has not changed, either. We have been an organization dedicated to not being a one-stop-shop. Instead, we decided to be specialists.

Since that time, we have worked with clients all over the United States and Canada. Two countries to which we have a profound amount of respect. We have also spent a considerable amount of time over the years in SE Asia and S. America. Our client list boasts some of the most respected corporations of their type. We include in that list, Railroads, Government, Airlines, heavy industry, Oil and Gas and just about any where someone works at height.

The work we did then remains true to this day: training, consulting and engineering. And we only do that in relation to fall protection and high angle rescue.

Our expertise

In addition to training, our company is a technical resource for many training standards organizations. We chair the CSA Standards Z259 Technical Committee on Fall Protection. We work with and provide training to government OH&S Officers in Canada and OSHA Compliance Officers in the US.

At Fall Protection Group we take pride in the creation of our industry leading student manuals, instructor materials and high quality electronic presentation. Our programs are informative, engaging and entertaining.