Course Design

A good training program requires excellent training materials.  At Fall Protection Group, we take pride in the creation of our industry leading student manuals, trainer materials, and high quality digital presentations. Our programs are not only informative, but also interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Course Development

Our experience with a broad spectrum of industries allows us to tailor each program we create to your work environment.  Fall Protection Group has also worked all over the globe, from South East Asia, to Central America.  Each country, province and state has their own set of regulations.  We ensure content in every program we teach is both relevant to your industry, and the regulations you must adhere to.

Fresh and Accurate Content

As safety geeks, we thrive on all things fall protection.  If we are not teaching a course, we are researching latest legislation and regulations, the latest equipment, and the latest techniques, to ensure that our content is ALWAYS current and accurate.

Creative Media

Fall Protection Group has an inhouse creative studio dedicated to the creation of our student manuals, digital presentations and trainer materials. The minimalist, yet attractive treatment of our media ensures that all information is intuitive and easy to follow.  Our training materials also feature many original technical illustrations and graphics.

Manuals and Trainer Materials

With every Train the Trainer course we instruct we include a complete trainer's kit which includes a detailed and complete trainer binder, lesson plans, paperwork, reference material, a classroom kit, and digital trainer materials.

Assessment Tools

Good training means good knowledge retention.  Fall Protection Group and our certified trainers are equipped with tools to ensure that each student leaves the classroom and retains as much of the knowledge they've gained as possible.  These learning tools include quizzes, and a variety of hands on activities.  Students that take undergo a Fall Protection Group training course, not only learn about concepts, but also apply them.