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6248O Virtual - Qualified Fall Protection Engineer (Qualified Person)

Course Code: 6248O     Duration: 36hrs    


This course is intended for engineers who work in fall protection and need to design or evaluate systems in accordance with ANSI Z359.6 and/or CSA Z259.16, “Design of Active Fall Protection Systems”. It is taught by the Engineer who led development of CSA Z259.16, which is the basis for ANSI Z359.6 in the United States (he is a member of that standard as well).

Participants gain extensive insight into engineering principles and methods for analyzing critical aspects of fall protection systems and equipment. All formulae in the standards and others needed for advanced analysis are derived and/or explained in the course. Students perform both hand and computer calculations in the class, tutored by the instructor(s).

Students receive:
  • Instruction by the Engineer who developed most of the technical content of ANSI Z359.6 and CSA Z259.16, “Design of Active Fall Protection Systems", as well as choice of an electronic copy of either of these standards.
  • A course manual containing essential engineering formulae, reference materials, presentation summaries and real-world exercises with solutions.
  • MS Excel Software (renewable 1 year license) to analyze a large variety of Fall Protection systems and scenarios. The software can analyze most fall protection systems once engineering properties of components and equipment are known.
  • Choice of the CSA Z259.16 or ANSI Z359.6 "Design of Active Fall Protection Systems" standards
  • Digital copies of articles, catalogues, technical papers, calculation aids and regulations.

This course is also offered in a classroom environment. To see the classroom dates click here


    Level 1 (16 hours)
  • Impact loads from various vertical Fall Arrest Systems
  • Free Fall and Clearance calculations
  • Personal Energy Absorber and Self Retracting Lifeline deployments (and the level of impact that may occur if fully deployed due to greater worker weights and free falls)
  • Ballasted Anchors
  • Vertical Lifeline behavior on vertical faces and sloping surfaces
  • Non-linear behavior of lifeline ropes.
  • Level 2 (16 hours) after level 1
  • Simple Horizontal Lifelines (HLLs)
  • HLLs with in-line energy absorbers
  • Multiple Spans
  • Flexible anchorages
  • Thermal effects
  • Lumped Mass vs. Sequential Fall
  • Force Management Anchor Posts

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