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Fall Protection Competent Industrial Rescuer

Course Code: 6942     Duration: 16hrs    


This is a pass/fail program that incorporates extensive class room and hands-on training and incorporates both written and practical examinations that are based on the requirements of the of the OSHA and ANSI standards. This course will involve a high degree of hands-on scenarios and will require workers to actively participate in rescue operations. Students attending this course will expand their knowledge and ability on how to utilize pre-engineered rescue equipment and rescue techniques for safe and efficient rescues. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will receive a certificate recognizing that they have met OSHA and ANSI requirements as a Competent Rescuer.


  • Fall hazard assessment, elimination or controls methods
  • Applicable regulations
  • The responsibilities of Competent Industrial Rescuers
  • Detailed inspection and recording of rescue equipment components and systems
  • Rescue system assessments and determining when a system is unsafe
  • Development of written fall protection rescue procedures
  • Industrial rescue techniques specific to the elements within the “Hierarchy of a Rescue”

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