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Certified Instructor Fall Protection Equipment Inspector

Course Code: 7411     Duration: 16hrs    


The control and care of fall protection equipment are critical to any properly managed fall protection worksite program. This can be especially challenging for companies with a large inventory of fall protection equipment or multiple worksites. Having the ability to provide equipment inspector training to the workforce is a beneficial asset for providing timely and consistent training, and to meet the demands of proper worksite equipment management.

Course participants should be individuals who have an understanding of fall protection equipment, presentation skills, and worksite safety programs. This two-day course specifically prepares participants to deliver 3M’s Equipment Inspector training program.

The first portion of this program will develop participants’ understanding of content as they complete the Equipment Inspector program (course #6411). The second portion of the program will focus on developing attendees as future instructors of the course material. During this portion, participants will review all provided instructor material, including course lesson plans, guides, and delivery policies. The course will culminate with a final assessment of their ability to deliver the prescribed program.

Upon completion of this Certified Instructor program, successful course participants will receive a certificate indicating their ability to deliver the specific 3M Safety Training Equipment Inspector program (course #6411).


  • Content and regulatory review
  • Adult education principles
  • Lesson planning
  • Course administration
  • Delivery practice
  • Classroom management
  • Instructor assessments

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