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7480 - Certified Instructor Confined Space Entrant and Attendant

Course Code: 7480     Duration: 32hrs    


This program is intended to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of confined space safety content, and to prepare them to teach 3M’s Confined Space Entrant & Attendant program (#6480). Qualified candidates, who possess the skills to teach and manage a classroom environment, will be immersed in this fast paced development program where the Confined Space Level 1 program is dissected by the lead instructor. Candidates will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn the structured course material through practice teaching sessions and workshops.

The course material includes detailed lesson plans, assessment tools, instructor manuals, an administration guide, and access to the slideshow presentation.

Each Certified Instructor will receive an initial supply of student activations, additional activations are available for ongoing purchase. The course is well suited for any person who has a background in industrial health and safety, has completed 3M’s Confined Space Level 2 program, and has experience presenting to groups.


  • Course logistics and requirements
  • Course administration
  • Adult education principles
  • Teaching strategies
  • Content knowledge review
  • Practice teaching workshops
  • Knowledge test and teaching evaluation
  • Program updates and support

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