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Fall Protection Advanced

Course Code: 6228     Duration: 8hrs     Industry: General Industry    


This program is built on the learning obtained during our Fall Protection Comprehensive program. We apply and expand knowledge through practical exercises and greater in-depth technical instruction. The course will take advantage of student's tactile learning abilities to make sense of theoretical content and provide a strong understanding to properly implement fall safety systems at their work site.

Course Prerequisite: Fall Protection Comprehensive

NOTE: We are excited to begin to offer our updated 2 day Fall Protection Competent Person course. Our 6424 – Fall Protection Competent Person, is our latest flagship, 2-day fall protection course complete with 3M branding and updated content, including updates to the CSA standards. This course replaces our Fall Protection Advanced course. Please click here to see dates for this latest program.


  • Harness fitting and error detection exercises
  • Installation of temporary anchor points
  • Selection and installation of proper connectors
  • Calculations of free fall distance and clearance for a variety of systems
  • Installation of VLL & SRL systems
  • Primary assessment of HLLs
  • System set-up and analysis
  • Suspension Trauma

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