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6493 - Confined Space Rescue Level 2

Course Code: 6493     Duration: 16hrs     Industry: General    


This two-day course will address principles and concepts of confined space entry rescue for standard and complex confined space locations. The course will concentrate on the use of tripods, davits, and pre-engineered rescue systems applied in both vertical and horizontal extrications, but will also address essential rescue techniques used in challenging confined space configurations.
The course is well suited for those who will serve as an on-site rescue person for various confined spaces that may present an atmospheric hazard to the rescuer. Participants will learn how to perform rescue techniques while using positive pressure respiratory protection systems.
This practical ‘hands-on’ learning format will provide students with an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.

Due to the physical nature of the curriculum, participants need to be capable of performing physical activities in order to partake in the program.


  • Incident scene management
  • Rescuer safety
  • Leadership and rescuer roles
  • Rescue extrication systems and equipment
  • Atmospheric monitoring and controls
  • Safe entry protocol
  • Supplied air systems
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Rescue plan development
  • Horizontal extrication techniques
  • Vertical extrication techniques
  • Configuration strategies
  • Re-Direct systems

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