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6628 - High Angle Rescue Theatre

Course Code: 6628     Duration: 16hrs     Industry: Specialized Rescue    


Working in a theatre, museum, concert hall, arena or similar settings provides unique at-height work situations. These environments require a specific approach to rescue. This program tailors the rescue techniques to these work environments.

Beginning with a review of fall protection principles, students move on to learn the various rescue skills and techniques in a hands-on environment.

Course Prerequisite: Fall Protection Comprehensive


  • Rescue requirements overview and regulations
  • Human dynamics
  • Rescue planning
  • Rescue principles
  • Level 1- rope skills & basic knots
  • Belaying and back-up systems
  • Primary rescue techniques – lower and raise
  • Deflection lines and tag lining
  • Direct lower and counterbalance techniques
  • Suspension trauma - mitigation techniques

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