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6641 - High Angle Tower Rescue

Course Code: 6641     Duration: 24hrs     Industry: Specialized Rescue    


This three-day course includes is designed for workers who work on or around towers (i.e. telecommunications, electrical transmission). This program will introduce different levels of rescue techniques to address situations that could be faced in these work environments.

Tower work environments typically do not provide the luxury of a variety of rescue equipment at hand. A rope and some basic hardware are often all that can be accessed. The techniques in this course are based on using minimal equipment to safely release and lower workers suspended in their fall protection systems.

Highly qualified instructors will provide a safe and friendly learning environment for students who will actively participate in all facets of the hands-on training to enhance learning and retention.

This three day course includes our Fall Protection Authorized Person Comprehensive course to provide the foundation of safely working at heights followed by two practical days on the tower structure.


  • Tower fall protection review
  • Rescue requirements overview and regulations
  • Rescue dynamics
  • Rescue planning / principles
  • Rope skills & basic knots
  • Belaying and back-up systems
  • Deflection lines and tag lining
  • Lowers and counterbalance technique
  • Suspension trauma - mitigation techniques

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Target Audience

Workers who are involved with telecom or utility towers.

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