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This 8 hour refresher training course is for those individuals who have previously taken our EM385 Competent Person training.

Protecting workers at-height is a challenging task and is dependent on particular job site situations and individual worker duties. There are many fall protection solutions available to workers, each having its own specific requirements. Understanding each option and proper implementation requires oversight by an experienced individual with a higher-level of knowledge and safety training.

This one-day refreshes students on the various components of a worksite fall protection program and will also help develop the skills required of an EM385 Competent Person. Participants will learn course content through a combination of direct classroom instruction and multiple workshops.

Course participants are those who may be involved with a managed fall protection program including the employer, supervisor, safety personnel, workers, and rescuers. The course material will provide students with an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.


  • Fall hazard identification
  • Fundamentals of working at height
  • Fall protection oversight
  • Worksite programs
  • Passive systems
  • Administrative controls
  • Fall protection planning
  • Fall arrest system components
  • Positioning systems
  • Equipment care
  • Rescue overview
  • System analysis

Our refresher training for EM385 may also offered in person. Please click here Refresher EM385 Competent Person for course dates and times.

For individuals who are looking for the initial training, please see our 3 day EM385 Competent Person program.

For individuals who do not require EM385 Competent Person training, please see our 2 day Competent Person program.

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