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6411O Virtuelle - Inspecteur de l'èquipment

Code du cours: 6411O     Durée: 4hrs    


Every day, workers around the globe rely upon fall protection equipment to help protect them when performing duties at height. Although fall protection equipment is built strong for the environments in which it will be used, it is still susceptible to the rigors of the workplace. Both end-user and periodic inspections are critical to help ensure it is ready to perform if and when needed.

This half-day course educates students on the principles of equipment care and the procedures for inspecting commonly used items excluding specialized permanent systems. Participants will learn course content through a combination of direct instruction, workbook exercises, and a practical ‘hands-on’ inspection workshop.

Course participants are those who may be involved with a managed fall protection program, including the tool crib operator, inventory manager, safety personnel, and worker. The course material will provide students with an engaging, enjoyable, and effective learning environment.


  • Oversight groups
  • Equipment tracking
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Storage principles
  • Inspection types and schedules
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Component failure criteria
  • Inspection procedures
  • Inspection workshop

Public cible

Individuals who are tasked with completing the periodic or formal documented inspections of fall protection equipment.

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