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Educating and training workers is a regulatory requirement for employers and critical in improving worksite safety and emergency response. For many employers, having an on-site instructor is a beneficial asset for providing timely and consistent safety training which is current to the applicable regulations and industry standards.

The course will prepare future instructors with the ability to instruct the fundamentals of industrial rescue and the basic techniquesused to retrieve a worker suspended in a fall arrest system. Course participants should understand and possess experience with presentation skills, working at height, and worksite safety programs.

This five-day course will prepare participants to deliver 3M’s Industrial Rescue Authorized Rescuer and Platform Evacuation programs. The first day of this training program will focus on developing participants’ understanding of content as they will complete our authorized rescuer course. The remainder of the course time will explain, guide, and coach instructor candidates through content delivery. The course culminates with participant assessments of their ability to deliver the prescribed programs.

Upon completing this Certified Instructor program, successful course participants will receive a certificate indicating their ability to deliver the specific 3M Safety Training Heights Rescue Authorized Rescuer course (#6444) and the Platform Evacuation course (#6442).

A minimum of a fall protection competent person level of training is require prior to attending this course.


  • Content and regulatory review
  • Adult education principles
  • Lesson planning
  • Course administration
  • Delivery set up and practice
  • Classroom management strategies Instructor assessments

This course replaces our 7603 Certified Instructor Technical Rescue.

Public cible

Individuals who need to deliver Platform Evacuation or Authorized Rescue courses.

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